Engineering-and production service for the cultural sector, concert service, public events, …
As a professional partner AVLP offers its customers a complete range of facilities necessary to support well the production from beginning till the end.
A service package that includes both rental of sound, light and video, as well as the entire concept elaboration: the preparation and implementation, including the logistical support and the necessary production management and technicians.
AVLP has the most efficient and qualitative service, tailored to each project.


Your profiling as a company, city or organization at a trade show, exhibition, public event, … Your product or mission: disclose the substance earlier in service what your message is, people warm for your city or town, your organization profile, ….
Intention is to let this happen in a funny and flexible framework. It should be outstanding and yet within everybody’s budgetary possibilities or wishes. Your message should be clearly communicated.
So not a reading but a transparent, attractive open space with a nice lighting (ecological with LED), video projection, LED wall, a background music, a nice sofa, some printed panels, flat screens, logo projection, … in short a technically flexible, budgetary friendly expo stand composed and carried out to suit your needs with our expertise.
Products: Prolite, BeMatrix, Velum, LED, … ….

AVLP nv a complete service with a personal feeling!!!